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Black El x Durkin: New Hotness in Boston Hip-Hop

Black El x Durkin

I was pretty pumped to hear that former Northeastern classmate turned HOT AS SHIT DJ, Durkin, was producing hip-hop tracks. Durkin will be performing with Black El on Tuesday the 14th at Church Boston (one of my favorite venues for hearing new stuff) in honor of the CD Release of their full length, Color Commentary. It’s refreshing to hear some original hip-hop coming out of this place that isn’t made by some irritating New England Asher Roth wanna be. It’s only 7 bucks, but something tells me you won’t be paying that little scratch for too long with these dudes. As if this night couldn’t be awesome enough BREK.ONE, Ghostdad, and Durkin will all be spinning, so be prepared to dance your ass off to the best freaking DJ’s this city has to offer.