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Sans Glitter Glam Rock Mixtape

With overdriven 50’s boogie riffs, bumble-gum chants, tinges of R&B mixed in, and terrible costumes Glam Rock holds a very special place in my heart. Glam rock never enjoyed much success in America except for a few imported acts from the UK. Despite a short heyday, Glam rock had a significant influence on the genres that succeeded it: punk, hard rock, heavy metal…and who could forget all those god awful hairbands?

This mix IS NOT meant to be a history lesson or all encompassing. Just like Glam it’s meant to be fun and not make you think too much about hidden meanings. Play it loud and boogie hard.

Music, Podcasts

Keep the Party Dream Alive Podcast Mix

For stupid reasons out of my control I will not be returning to the Boston airwaves to produce You Can’t Do That on Radio Anymore! this week. So instead I put together a sweet party jams mix of the tunes I intended to play for today’s episode up on my Mixcloud page. Or you can simply just listen in on the nifty embedded player below. Boogie down, minions.

– S.