About to lose another friend…

At my parents home I have never once come home to an empty house because there was always a dog there. Dogs are family. When no one else in the world will give you the time of day your dog will give you a paw. And somehow, no matter how abysmal your day was that one innocent gesture makes the world a little brighter.

This is Raven, 8 years old and full of cancer. The kindest, sweetest soul you’ll ever come across:

If you’re reading this and your dog is nearby please hug them for me… mine is 300 miles away and I can only be lucky enough to hold her again before it’s too late.

4 thoughts on “About to lose another friend…

  1. Sam, Be assured that I am very sorry to read aboiut Raven, and I take your sage advice everyday…many hugs for our Maltipoo, Treble.

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