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I Get to Hire a Northeastern Co-op: Why You Should Work for Team Magnet

Many moons ago – actually I think it was over three years ago – I did what every Northeastern University kid with a fire under their butt to make sure they were employable after they graduated did. I went out and found me a co-op position. What the hell is a co-op? It’s a 6 month internship in which you take a break from classes and figure out if the career path you had in mind after school is right for you. It’s a chance to throw yourself out into the “real world” and get some serious work experience.

Even when students have a less than stellar experience on this 6 month preview of life without school, there’s still a lot to be learned. For me, I saw my co-op supervisor get laid off with a month left to go during my internship. I saw a company go on life support because of one too many bad deals and poor financial management before my very eyes. I got a lot of lessons in what NOT to do when running a small business. Sometimes you end up learning more from failures than successes, and I strongly believe that was the case during my co-op.

So what brings me to this post? Now I’m on the flip side. With our new office space and a nice queue of clients who want to work with us, PullnotPush Marketing is ready to hire our first Northeastern Co-op for January. I’m spearheading this initiative because I feel that a student can learn a whole lot about from us in regards to how inbound marketing really works in addition to how to build a successful marketing agency from one of HubSpot’s top partners. It’s my turn to give some young hotshot a chance, and I’m completely prepared to do it.

A year and a half ago our head honcho Dan Ronken was a solo-preneur now Team Magnet has 6 members who help small business owners become inbound marketing superstars everyday. If you want to hear our company history listen to him tell the story of PullnotPush during the MIT Alumni Club of Boston’s “How to Get Hired and Stay Hired as a Vanguard Marketer” panel:

We want to take on someone who’s hungry to learn that’s a natural content creator. Whoever we pick as a co-op is going to become an valuable part of our team. We’re going to make sure you get the absolute most out of your co-op and walkaway a full-fledged inbound marketer with a big fat portfolio to prove it.

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  1. Thanks for your really honest and “on point” assessment of the NU Coop experience. Whoever gets to chance to work with you will be lucky indeed.

    Best to you Sam.


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