Best ABBA EDM Remixes on SoundCloud

Sometimes it’s hard listening to people attempt to remix what equates to some of the finest pop music ever crafted. ABBA grew to major international stardom during the late 70’s. Today, despite the awkward movies starring Pierce Brosnan and shameless Broadway cash-in, I can still find myself able to still enjoy this ultimate guilty pleasure Swedish group.

When I started doing the research for this post I had strong doubts about finding any ABBA remix remotely listenable, let alone ones worth sharing. Fortunately, Soundcloud hasn’t  let me down yet when it comes to helping me find the treasure among the trash for dance remixes.

So without further ado, let’s bring ABBA into the 21st century with some of these bangers:

ABBA – “Gimme gimme gimme (BondiBoyz remix)”


ABBA – “Money, Money, Money (Bassanova & Moradzo Bøtleg)”


ABBA – “Summernight City (Funky Freakz Remake)”


ABBA – “Head Over Heels (Dj Ever Morin Reconstruction Remix)”


ABBA – “The visitors (WEN!NG’S-surrender-Remix)”