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Life Updates: Sleep Crimes, Charles River Interactive, and Other Happenings

Speaker Machine Abstract Art

The rumors are true. I’m playing guitar in an actual band now. It even has a name and a stupid subgenre! The name being Sleep Crimes; the genre being “surf doom.” It’s kind of remarkable that I haven’t been in a band since around high school, but Boston city life makes starting such projects a tough task. The story of the formation involves a bizarre ride on the #1 bus and working the old Sam Coren charm to sweet talk a bandless drummer into getting something going.

When you put four terrible music nerds together in the same room with a bunch of instruments the songs practically write themselves. We’re having lots of fun and plan to play some gigs around New England over the summer with the first one being an Allston DIY show in July. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been doing…working on getting some demo recordings together:

And the other bit of life news? I’ve got myself a new job! Last week I joined Charles River Interactive, a Lexington-based search marketing agency, as a member of their fantastic SEO team. I’ve already learned an insane number of new things about search marketing, and I’m excited to keep learning. It was a bit tough to leave behind some amazing people at StudentAdvisor/Avenue100, but in the end it came down to wanting to take the aspect of inbound marketing I enjoyed doing the most and get even better at it. Everyone has been incredibly supportive about the big change and I feel blessed (a word I rarely use) to have a lot of people in my life who believe in me.

I’ll be heading to Mariaville, NY in July for my 3rd Camp Bisco. Not crazy about Skirllex and Bassnectar making appearances again, but looking forward to Crystal Castles, Holy F*ck, Tycho, Mux Mool, Simian Mobile Disco, and far too many others to list. With Memorial Day weekend, aka the “unofficial” beginning of Summer, coming up I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the road ahead.