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YouTube Gold: New Kids on the Block on People Are Talking WBZ Boston 1989

Let me preface this post with saying that I was NOT a fan of New Kids on the Block back in the day. Being born in 1987 when NKOTB’s fame was just escalating made me a bit too young to be fully bitten by the bug. However, I have an older sister and cousin who were obsessed with the group and look back on those days with fond teeny bopper memories. When I was old enough to get into music on my own the boy bands of the mid/late 90’s were a myriad of super manufactured pretty boys who could dance, but not sing (Backstreet Boys, NYSNC, 98°, etc.).
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Eye Witness Records New Album

Eye Witness on WRBB

I recently took on the project of managing the Worcester, Massachusetts based husband and wife folk duo Eye Witness. As I write this they’re busy as bees in the recording studio working on tracks for their debut album. After seeing Rainy and Milo Logan perform live on numerous occasions I’m thrilled that they’re finally satisfied enough with their current material to cut their first record.
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