2012 and Life After College

Since the end of the year is mere days away, it’s the time of year where people look back on the past 12 months and try to figure out how they’ve shaped their lives. I’m happy to say that 2012 was actually an incredibly positive year for me. I accomplished a lot – started a band, made a major career change, rescued the most adorable mutt, made new friends, reconnected with old ones, got involved in local government….the list goes on.

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Life Updates: Sleep Crimes, Charles River Interactive, and Other Happenings

Speaker Machine Abstract Art

The rumors are true. I’m playing guitar in an actual band now. It even has a name and a stupid subgenre! The name being Sleep Crimes; the genre being “surf doom.” It’s kind of remarkable that I haven’t been in a band since around high school, but Boston city life makes starting such projects a tough task. The story of the formation involves a bizarre ride on the #1 bus and working the old Sam Coren charm to sweet talk a bandless drummer into getting something going.

When you put four terrible music nerds together in the same room with a bunch of instruments the songs practically write themselves. We’re having lots of fun and plan to play some gigs around New England over the summer with the first one being an Allston DIY show in July. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been doing…working on getting some demo recordings together:

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Best ABBA EDM Remixes on SoundCloud

Sometimes it’s hard listening to people attempt to remix what equates to some of the finest pop music ever crafted. ABBA grew to major international stardom during the late 70’s. Today, despite the awkward movies starring Pierce Brosnan and shameless Broadway cash-in, I can still find myself able to still enjoy this ultimate guilty pleasure Swedish group.

When I started doing the research for this post I had strong doubts about finding any ABBA remix remotely listenable, let alone ones worth sharing. Fortunately, Soundcloud hasn’t  let me down yet when it comes to helping me find the treasure among the trash for dance remixes.

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Sans Glitter Glam Rock Mixtape

With overdriven 50’s boogie riffs, bumble-gum chants, tinges of R&B mixed in, and terrible costumes Glam Rock holds a very special place in my heart. Glam rock never enjoyed much success in America except for a few imported acts from the UK. Despite a short heyday, Glam rock had a significant influence on the genres that succeeded it: punk, hard rock, heavy metal…and who could forget all those god awful hairbands?

This mix IS NOT meant to be a history lesson or all encompassing. Just like Glam it’s meant to be fun and not make you think too much about hidden meanings. Play it loud and boogie hard.